Taking the Church beyond the Brick and Mortar! by Rev. Dr. Nearline Anderson

When common people come together to seek God’s plan, uncommon results happen! God is uncommon! He is “I AM”, Jehovah Jireh, Omniscient, Omnipresent – there are no words to truly describe Him! Yet He is delicate, caring, quiet, compassionate, AND ultimately ALL THINGS AWESOME AT ALL TIMES! What a GREAT GOD we serve! He cannot be contained nor coerced into our personal plans for ourselves and our lives! He is perfect and desires to guide us into the center of His will where perfection is desired and will one day be completed in heaven!

In the meantime, what do we do with what He has given us? How do we strive to be – in the center of His will? What can we do as overseers of the ministries He has touched our hearts with? Since God has already promised those who trust Him, that ALL things, not some, but all things, are going to work out for our good, we just “get in where we fit in”! Success is so much better when it is shared! (Howard Shultz)

God, our Heavenly Father, works all things out, so all we have to do is trust the plan and process for what has been laid before us! While this is easier said than done, we can work together, using the Biblical models we read about, to give our energy to the Kingdom cause of reaching, teaching, and transforming the lives of those we encounter each day! Sharing our resources will strengthen us in ways we can never imagine. There is enough selfishness in the world, but we are not to conform to this world!

As we continue to address the needs of those who lost much during this past spring’s devastating tornadoes across the MS Delta, continue to pray for healing and rebuilding. Most of all, pray for our strength to grow in Christ so we will know that even in disasters – He is with us!

By God’s grace and guidance, Minister Harvey and Nearline Anderson, along with Minister Quasha Shedd, reached out to “Helping Hands Outreach,” located in Belzoni, MS, to provide food for those in need. The food items were collected by Community Youth (teen) Fellowship group led by the respective ministers.

The town of Belzoni is located about 25 miles Southeast of Indianola and 9 miles north of Silver City, MS. Silver City received substantial storm damage this spring along with a number of other Delta areas in MS. Searching to find a venue to supply resources to those areas, we learned about Helping Hands Outreach through a church in Belzoni – Green Grove Baptist Church! Teamwork does make the dream work! When that phrase was coined, it is possible they weren’t necessarily speaking of church teamwork, but it works for us disciples too! Pray that the ministry teamwork with our Heavenly Father’s guidance, and our partners will continue to do uncommon things for our neighbors as well as ourselves!