From Pit to the Palace-Hold On

Rev. Dr. Nearline Anderson

Has there ever been a time in your life when you wondered when your time would arrive? The time to inherit what God had promised. The time when you knew without a doubt that you had waited patiently on God to provide according to His instructions that you had read so many times. 

In the book of Genesis, between chapters 37-50, there is an account of a young man named Joseph who had a few quite envious brothers. Have you ever had that experience? Someone, a friend, family member jealous of you for reasons that you don’t really understand. 

In Genesis 37, Joseph’s brothers doubt his dreams, become angry and so envious that they plot to kill him. God provided (grace) for Joseph through the older brother Reuben by having Reuben convince the other brothers not to kill Joseph. However, ultimately Joseph is handed over by his other brothers to Ishmaelites (Midianite merchants) as a slave. When Reuben finds out, he tore his clothes and asked the brothers what they were to do. Of course, like most people, they came up with a believable story to tell their father Jacob. 

As the story unfolds, Joseph is taken into the house of Potiphar and has to deal with the seduction of Potiphar’s wife. Then, he goes on to be falsely accused and thrown into jail. He interprets dreams for caretakers of the prisoners and is finally ushered into the court of the king of Egypt (as governor). His brothers must now come to him for help. They now see the dreams that Joseph shared as a young man are now fulfilled. They also see that God’s grace was sufficient for Joseph. 

Everyone has a “pit” (adversity) from where he/she is striving to be rescued. Everyone who follows God has a “palace” (blessing) that our Providential God will give to us when the time has been fulfilled. What I can say to you today is, “Hold on. Your palace is under construction!”