Claiming Our Inheritance

Numbers 27:4

 Why should our father’s name disappear from his clan because he had no son? Give us property among our father’s relatives.”


Our DW Retreat’s theme was brought to life through our Keynote Speaker, Rev. Dr. Bobbie Yellott. She brought the message from the story in Numbers 27:1-11. The five daughters of Zelophehad came before Moses to plead their case to inherit the land that was to be given to their father in the Promised Land. There was no son to inherit this portion of tribal land. The women came together, in agreement, and asked Moses the question.

Moses demonstrates for us a model we should each follow. He went to God with their request. He did not dismiss it with the often heard, “That’s not the way we have always done it!” God surprised everyone by saying that this IS, in fact, the intention for the promised land. What great news for us as believers, far removed from this continent by time and space! God intends for US to inherit what has been promised. Will you step forward to claim the Inheritance that God has for you?

If you are a woman and you were not at the Wesley Retreat Center on September 8-10, YOU WERE MISSED!

We had a wonderful time of fellowship, worship, connection, serving, and Claiming Our Inheritance. We would like to give a special thanks to our Keynote presenter, Rev. Dr. Bobbie Yellott, who inspired us to consider exactly what we are inheriting. She had us laughing and deeply considering the gifts that we can claim as ours. Our Workshop leaders did an outstanding job. Lucretia Woods from Bethel Christian Church led a Bible Study on Saturday afternoon. We then were able to create a beautiful painting led by Yvonne Taylor from FCC, Baton Rouge. Stacy Eastwood led us on a hike that started at the prayer labyrinth. Our Bunco game on Friday evening, led by Suzanne Lara, was a big hit. We were able to raise over $ 2,000 for the Pickering Scholarship Fund. Over half of those in attendance took advantage of this scholarship, which pays for half of the registration fee for the Fall Retreat. Next year’s retreat will be in early September in Arkansas. We hope you will make plans now to join us. It will be a weekend you will not forget.