Is There Anybody in Here Hot for the Lord? by Rev. Dr. Nadine Burton

“Is There Anybody in Here Hot for the Lord?”[i]

“And to the angel of the church in Laodicea write: The words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the origin of God’s creation.”

The “Coming in Hot” video that the staff and GRR Disciples Women created caused a lot of joyful conversations and raised some eyebrows, even outside of the region. Lecrae, featuring Andy Mineo, the writer of the song, is a Christian rap artist. His words are relevant as we see people struggling to stay connected to God and each other, to find our way as followers of Jesus Christ. As we navigate violence all around, hate on the rise, and sickness and disease taking us out, Lecrae reminds us that we can still show up. He writes and raps, “I don’t do the most, but I do a lot, Ima make a toast cuz we’re still alive! I write what I live. I testify, I don’t need a subpoena. I’m coming in hot, brap, brap, brap.”

Many of you may remember Bill Lee, our keynote preacher for the 2020 Regional Assembly. He called me that Saturday after the video went live and shared, “Everyone is not experiencing the joy that I see in this video. We have to be careful because not everyone is experiencing the joy that I see in the video around the wider church.” He went on to ask me if he could use the video for the Piedmont District Assembly/Workshop that he was preparing. His plan was to show the video and then ask, “Is there anybody in here hot for the Lord?” 

Or, in other words, is there anyone on fire for the Lord? Is there anyone excited about what God is doing in your life? Is there anyone passionate about the gospel message? Has your spiritual adrenalin shot up, knowing that Regional Assembly is this weekend? Do you anticipate a song, a prayer, conversation, or message you hope will inspire you? Inspire us? Because we get the chance to see each other, learn from each other, and witness what God has done and continues to do in our congregations.

Revelations 3:14-22 reminds us of what it means to be neither hot nor cold in our Christian witness. If I could give a definition of a lukewarm Christian, it would go something like this: Lukewarm Christians are neutral when it comes to their spiritual practices. We can pray or not pray, serve or not serve, share our faith or not share out faith, give or not give, attend regional assembly, or not attend regional assembly. Either way, it does not matter. Lukewarm Christians have lost their joy and love for the church, serving each other, and experiencing God’s gratefulness in giving us all we need. According to our text in Rev. 3:14-22, the Laodiceans were prosperous, and needed nothing. Not even God. Not realizing that they were still poor, wretched, pitiable, blind, and naked. This weekend, I plan on making a toast cuz we’re still alive. I’m coming in Hot. What about you?

[i] (Excerpt from Sunday Sermon First Christian Church Vicksburg, October 30, 2022)

Scripture – Revelations 3:14-22