The Rev. Patricia Ann Parker Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Rev. Patricia Ann Parker Memorial Scholarship Fund is established to honor Elder Parker’s legacy and passion for youth development and education for East Percy Street CC in Greenwood, Mississippi high school students entering college and/or seminary.
Please send donations to:
Christian Church Foundation
P.O. Box 1986 Indianapolis, IN  46202-1986.
(800) 668-8016

Disciples Affiliated Colleges & Universities

Brite Divinity School, TCU | Fort Worth, TX
Christian Theological Seminary | Indianapolis, IN
Lexington Theological Seminary | Lexington, KY
Phillips theological Seminary | Tulsa, OK

Seminary Foundation Houses

Disciples Divinity House – U of Chicago
Disciples Divinity House – Vanderbilt
Disciples Seminary Foundation – Claremont, CA
Disciples Seminary Foundation – Berkeley, CA

Seminary Associates

Atlanta Disciples Divinity Center – Decatur GA
Seminaria Evangelico de Puerto Rico – San Juan, PR

Yale Divinity School – New Haven, CT

Specialized Institutions

Christian College of Georgia – Statham, GA
College of Churches of Christ in Canada – Toronto, ON
Mid-America Center for Ministry – Jefferson City, MO
Phillips University Legacy Foundation – Enid, OK