Jesus asked the Disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” 

Our 2020 Regional Assembly was virtual this year.  The best part is that you can still see some of the amazing things that happened by following the links below. We hope it will bless you as it blessed us!

Regional Assembly Recordings

Missed the Workshops, Pre-Assembly Seminar, Worship, or Fellowship Sessions? Don’t Worry! You can watch them down below.

Rev. Christopher Wilson (Authentic Spirituality in Stewardship)

 How can we be spiritual stewards of the resources God has given us, during these uncertain times? This workshop will explore a wholistic approach to the word and theology of being a “Steward.” If we are entrusted by God to care for all that is in God’s world, then our role in stewardship is an ongoing role as disciples of Jesus and of our heritage of faith. We will explore six themes of stewardship and see how they are all interdependent on one another. A spirituality of stewardship, to be authentic, should not be what we do, but who we are as God’s people.

Rev. Angela Whitenhill, NBA (Clergy Wellness Soul Care Conversations: A time to pause and process…together)

 With all that is swirling around for clergy as they navigate the demands of Pandemic culture, technology, and societal tensions, it is often hard to take a moment to pause, process, and find clarity for the path moving forward. This workshop was created to give clergy a space to breath, process, and engage intentional, conversations with others facing the same stressors to:
– help process their own stress and confusion while leading during these trying times
– share helpful resources
– create space for collaborative problem solving and brainstorming idea for moving forward.

Adults working in Youth Ministry Q&A with Rev. Ronny Nowell

 Leading a youth ministry is a big undertaking. Leading during a pandemic adds a new dimension to every aspect of youth ministry. Here is your opportunity to speak with someone with experience working with youth under normal circumstances. He will be happy to share things that work and help with things that might not be going as well as you hoped. Come and share with the group and learn together how to bring our youth to a meaningful relationship with Christ, even during a pandemic.

Dr. Jeffrey Murdock (Computer Technology: What we are learning from the Pandemic)

We have all had to change the way we do things during this pandemic. Technology has become an important part of our daily lives. This workshop will cover how we can best utilize the technologies that we have and are comfortable with to reach our congregations’ spiritual needs.

Rev. Dr. Jarrett Banks (Being the Church When It Is Not Possible to Go to Church)

In mid-March 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic fundamentally changed life and ministry for pastors and churches all over the world. The need for “social distancing” forced churches to discover how “to be the church” in a world where it is no longer permitted to “go to church.” In this workshop, Great River Region Church Planter, Rev. Dr. Jarrett Banks, will share the ways Northshore Disciples is being the church through service projects and outdoor gatherings in southeastern Louisiana.

Rev. Dr. David Britt (How Church Boards Can Survive a Pandemic)

Churches need clear servant leadership in normal times, and even more in times of stress. This workshop will focus on why the work of church boards is important, and explore ways that boards can serve their congregations during this pandemic.

Rev. Lisa Engelken (Children's Worship and Wonder)

Rev. Lisa Engelken is excited to serve as Coordinator of Children Worship & Wonder at Disciples Home Missions. She has been a trainer in Children Worship & Wonder for 18 years. Children Worship & Wonder is a Montessori-based worship with children. She serves on a team with 20 other trainers. In July 2015 Lisa became a trainer to train more trainers. Lisa was called into ministry to help share story the people of God’s faithful stories-not to just children but to their families.

Pre-Assembly Seminar for Clergy

Rev. Wallace led a panel of clergy covering topics for our clergy. “Creating a Healthy Balance in Ministry: Theological and Practical Perspectives” was facilitated by Rev. Wallace along with panel members: Rev. Leroy Bryant, Bishop Zedric Clayton, Rev. Dr. Stan McDougal, Rev. Ann Pickett-Parker, and Rev. Donna Roundtree.

Regional Assembly Worship

Rev. Dr. William Lee brought the message for the Worship Service of the 2020 Regional Assembly. Logan J. Smith was the Worship Director and coordinated the music for this special event.  Clergy and lay-leaders from around the Great River Region came together to make this VIRTUAL Worship Service a meaningful experience for everyone.

Disciples Women Evening Fellowship

This gathering was lead by Rev. Dr. Christal Williams.

Regional Elders Evening Fellowship

 This gathering was led by Rev. Miles Cook.


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Disciples Church Extension Fund inspires and empowers congregations to create Holy Places where people connect with God, each other and the community. Learn More
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