Class Line-up for each Series

Registration for Fall classes is now open! Each series will each have four classes per semester which will meet once per week for four weeks. As of now, our four series are; Lay Leadership, Spiritual Formation, Technology, and the Bailey Series. The Bailey Series this semester is stand-alone. It is a Bible Study that will run for 21 weeks across three semesters. The cost for each series will be $15 per semester.

There is a minimum of eight (8) participants for a class to ‘make’. If fewer than eight resistrations are recieved five days prior to the first class, your registration fee will be refunded.

Spiritual Formation Series 201 (0nline)
Thursdays 7:00pm- 9:00pm
Facilitator: Elder LaVerne Bobo

LaVerne Bobo is a proud native of Memphis, Tennessee. She is a member of Mississippi Blvd. Christian Church where she has held leadership positions on the Church Council, Administrative Finance Commission, Christian Education, and Children’s Ministry. She is currently a Life Group leader for the Christian Education ministry and an Elder where she finds joy in serving the congregation towards a healthy state of spiritual vitality. LaVerne finds time to be involved in her community by supporting the Holmesdale Neighborhood Watch program and serving as Chaplain for the Fairley High School Alumni organization. Her commitment to community service has been recognized by Mississippi Blvd. Christian Church, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., National Coalition of 100 Black Women, National Council of Negro Women, and Professional Women of America.

LaVerne has a passion for fine arts, reading, and mentoring. She is the proud mother of one son, Justin Terrell Bobo. Her goal in life is to live life as though Christ is coming the next hour. She wants to stay busy doing the work of God instead of being too busy for the work of God. Being a Christian by choice, a Mother by passion, an Engineer by trade, a Teacher by gift, LaVerne has concluded that she finds her strength in the Lord to fulfill all these roles. She sincerely believes that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her.

Week 1
September 30, 2021

D-1: Spiritual Disciplines Door to Liberation
•Understanding the purposes of Spiritual Disciplines
•The ability to name the pitfalls of misusing Spiritual Disciplines
•To understand Spiritual Disciplines as Habitual and give allowance for internal change

Week 2
October 7, 2021

D-2: The Discipline of Prayer & Meditation
•Understanding the purpose of meditation
•Identifying similarities and differences of meditation in Christian practice and inother religious practices
•The ability to name the different types of meditations
•Merging personal meditation practices with Foster’s meditation practices
•Understanding the discipline of prayer
•Understanding the difference between prayer and meditation

Week 3
October 14, 2021

D-3: The Discipline of Fasting
•Understanding the purpose of fasting
•Naming the multiple forms of fasting.
•Connecting the disciplines of fasting with meditation and prayer

Week 4
October 21, 2021

D-4: The Discipline of Study
•Understanding the purpose of studying scripture, other forms of literature, andthe outside world
•Naming the four-step ways of the study process
•Define “Nonverbal Books

Technology Series 301 (0nline)
Thursdays 7:00pm- 9:00pm
Facilitator: Kristen Beach and Teonicka Russell

Kristen Beach is the Ministry Program Associate for the Great River Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Prior to serving the region, she was an elementary teacher and administrator for nearly twenty years. She is a third generation Disciple who attends Park Hill Christian Church in North Little Rock, AR. She and her husband, David, raised their two grown children, Grant (Casey) and Elizabeth (Justin Willson) in the church where they grew up together. Kristen has served as an elder, diaconate, Sunday school teacher, and has served on the board as chair of various ministry teams throughout the years.

The joy of her life is spending time with her two grandchildren, River (4 years) and Raine (6 months). She is creative and loves to dabble in crafts and DIY projects of all types. Annual kayaking trips are the highlight of her year and bring the opportunity for relaxation while enjoying God’s creation.

Teonicka Russell is the Administrative Associate to the Executive Regional Minister of the Great River Region. She currently has a professional background in Computer Science as well as Business Administration. Teonicka’s goal in life is to provide quality and professional work in whatever area she is called to work. As a believer in Jesus Christ, Teonicka believes that Jesus is the author of her life. She shared, “Looking at the earth through the eyes of Jesus is the first step in saving a dying world.”

Week 1
October 28, 2021

T-1: Intro to Computer Basics
•Introduce attendees to computers and describe the different parts of a computer
•Understand the difference between hardware and software
•Practice navigating the start screen
•Understand the Desktop & Icons

Week 2
November 4, 2021

T-2: Intro to Computer Basics
•Assess knowledge about the Internet
•Learn about the different web browsers
•Identify parts of a website
•Practice using a search engine
•Browse a website to learn about computers and the Internet

Week 3
November 11, 2021

T-3: Intro to Computer Basics
•Learn about the different email service providers
•Create an email account
•Practice sending and opening emails
•Learn how to sign in and out of email

Week 4
November 18, 2021

T-4: Intro to Computer Basics
•Assessing knowledge of word-processing
•Practice navigating around a document
•Practice formatting and saving a document
•Understand how to send a document through email