Disciples Youth

Meet your 2020-2021 Youth Commission


Lily Crawford, FCC, Fayetteville

Genuinely caring for others is
something that comes naturally for this
high school Junior. Lilly has attended
First Christian Church in Fayetteville,
Arkansas from birth. She has grown up
being active in youth events. She says
that the church is like a second home
to her. Her creativity and ability to
listen to others makes her a great
team member for this year’s Youth


Samuel Harrison, FCC, Rogers

Sam will be a senior at Rogers Heritage High School in the fall. He has been a lifelong member of First Christian Church in Rogers. He has learned to rely on God in times of anxiety and stress. He also enjoys cross training as an additional stress reliever. He is a trusted leader and often called upon to lead prayer and discussions in his youth group and Sunday school class. Sam is glad for the opportunity to serve on the Youth Commission.


Hunter Goines, FCC, Rogers

Hunter is excited to be a part of this
year’s Youth Commission. He believes
this role will teach him how to become
an effective leader for Christ. Hunter
currently attends First Christian Church
in Rogers, Arkansas. Hunter cannot wait
to see what this year will bring as he
tries to gain new leadership qualities and build a closer relationship to God.


Megan Morphis, FCC, Jonesboro

Megan looks forward to new experiences and seeks to grow herself through service to the youth in the Great River Region. This high school senior keeps her focus on the word of God. She leads by asking and answering questions. Her relationship with her new church home at First Christian Church, Jonesboro has inspired her to support others in the ways she has been supported. Her peers believe that she will be the voice for the introverted people at youth events.


Mason Pfeiffer, FCC, Fayetteville

For Mason, youth events are the places
where he feels closest to God. Being
surrounded by his friends and focusing on God really brings Mason much closer to God. He wants others to have that same experience. Mason strives to make others feel welcome at any youth event, and to allow them to feel as close to God as he does at such events. He hopes to gain new friendships, and to grow old ones.

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2019-20 Youth Commission

MacKenzie McTier, FCC, Rogers AR
Mason Pfeiffer, FCC, Fayetteville AR

2020-21 Youth Commission

Lily Crawford, FCC Fayetteville, AR


Hunter Goines, FCC Rogers, AR


Samuel Harris, FCC Rogers, AR


Megan Morphis, FCC Jonesboro, AR


Mason Pfeiffer, FCC Fayetteville, AR


2019-2021 Youth Task Force

Betty Arambel, FCC, Fayetteville AR


Stacy Eastwood, FCC, Lake Charles LA 


Ronny Nowell, FCC, Rogers AR 


Cody Robertson, FCC, Bentonville AR 


Nadine Burton, Great River Region Staff