Disciples Women

Health & Wholeness

Links to videos from the first
VIRTUAL Disciples Women Retreat 2020

Keynote Speaker Rev. Janea Pitts-Murdock

Bible Study Workshop by Robin Baxter

Welcome Sign Workshop by Suzanne Lara

Family Genealogy Workshop by Sharon House and Stacey Eastwood

DW Cabinet

Executive Cabinet

President, GRR DW-  Renee Eakin

Vice President/ AR State Coordinator- Carol Rhein

Secretary/ MS State Coordinator- Patricia Curry

LA State Coordinator- Stacy Eastwood

Event/Communications Coordinator- Rachel Selby

Financial Coordinator- VACANT


Arkansas State Coordinator- Carol Rhein 

Louisiana State Coordinator- Stacy Eastwood

Mississippi State Coordinator- Patricia Currie

Stewardship/Service Leader- VACANT

Young Women Representative- VACANT

MCMC DW President- Jeanette Felton

National Convocation DW President- Pernella Shortie




State Coordinator- Carol Rhein

Spring Event Coordinator- Billie Dreher

Publicity Communications- Rachel Selby


State Coordinator- Stacy Eastwood

Spring Event Coordinator- Suzanne Lara

Publicity Communications- Yvonne Taylor


State Coordinator- Patricia Currie

Spring Event Coordinator- VACANT

Publicity Communications- Vicki Prevost

Nominations are needed for  the following positions on the Cabinet;

  • President
  • Stewardship/Service Leader
  • Young Women Representative
  • IDWM Cabinet
  • MS Spring Event Coordinator

Please email Kristen Beach at kristen@grrdisciples.org with any prospective nominations and their contact information.


2020 Service Projects

Each state’s Disciples Women groups choose a service project to support throughout the year.  The Region as a whole supports the project for the state which is hosting the Fall Retreat. This year’s host is Mississippi. Click below to learn more about each service project and to donate to these worthy causes.


Ons Plek
School for Girls


Arkansas Foodbank


Southeast Ministries Association, Inc.

Mississippi and Regional 

Southern Christian Services
Just Women Bible Study

The Just Women 2020 Bible Study is available for purchase while supplies last!!  Click on the link below to order your copy today!

2020 Just Women Bible Study Order Page

Just Women is the official Bible Study resource for Disciples Women’s Ministries.  This is a yearly issued Bible study  Just Women is a vital resource that can be used in many areas of our church life.  You can depend on the Disciples principles that are presented because the entire magazine is written BY Disciples Women (while the magazine is written by Disciples Women, it can be sued across the congregation, not just in DW/CWF groups).

Disciples Women Prayer

Unto you, O God, we give our thanks and lift our hearts in prayer.

May your presence be with us and your love surround us as we work together as women of faith.

Open our eyes to the needs of the world and fill our hearts with concern for all people.

Guide us so that we may truly serve you.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Disciples Women Benediction

God, be merciful unto us and bless us;
And cause your face to shine upon us;
That your way may be known upon the earth,
your saving health among all nations
through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.