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The Great River Region
of the Christian Church

Disciples of Christ


The purpose of the Region is:

A. Drawn from the Acts of the Apostles in Paul’s desire to nurture, support, and engage 35 congregations as unique entities and as gatherings of congregations related to one another in their 36 mission. Regions should embody the character of the ministry to which Christ calls His people in 37 their mutual commitment to Him and to one another.(The Design, 19)

B. To extend the ministry of Christ in mission, witness and service among the people and 39 social structures of the Region, including the promotion of responsible Christian stewardship 40. (The Design, 20)

C. To establish, receive and nurture congregations in the Region; to provide help, counsel and 42 pastoral care to members, ministers and congregations in their mutual relationships; and to relate 43 them to the worldwide mission of the whole church. (The Design, 20)

D. To strengthen the vision, witness and mission of the congregations through networking, 45 providing resources and assisting congregational leaders and clergy. Priorities include 46 implementing the Mission Imperatives of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), leadership 47 education, new congregation development, opportunities for fellowship and inspiration, and 48 deepening the bonds that unite congregations in a shared ministry that moves “from their 49 doorsteps to the ends of the earth”. (Acts 1:8)

Our Story


It is 2023, and Alice is a 22-year-old anthropology major at Texas Christian University. Alice grew up in First Christian Church and was a product of the Region’s youth and camping programs over the years.

She is playing also with the idea of going into ministry. In her senior year, Alice was invited by her professor to do a case study on an organization that has gone through significant change and improvement. The assignment was to name a group of people who have defied the current trends and how they got there.

Alice immediately thought about the Great River Region and their journey. She began to organize her interview schedule, and then began a trek across the region to discover how they did it. Read more about our Future Story here.